Tom Brownsword, Certified Computer Security Geek

Hi, I’m Tom Brownsword. I’m a cyber threat analyst and computer network defense professional. I help protect businesses.

You build it, I’ll help you protect it.

This is my personal blog. If you’re going to do business with me, you deserve to know me a little better. It’s good for me in that writing helps me clarify a lot of things.

Most people will pretend that life is perfect and you should only do business with perfect people. If you think I’m perfect, then don’t spoil the illusion by reading this blog.

You’ll also see that I don’t put up with much nonsense. After reading this, you may decide to not do business with me because my values clash with yours. That’s a good thing.┬áIt’s also your choice.

The products I create are good products that help others. I hope the products and services you offer help others, too, and that you have their best interests in mind when you market them. If you don’t — if your sole interest is taking money while providing crap in return — I don’t like you. I’ll still take your money, though, because I do my best to only sell good quality stuff.

So jump in. Read a few posts. Get to know me better. And I hope you’ll let me help you protect the assets you’ve worked hard to build.