Gads. Self-promotion, right? I suck at it so here are some random bullet points:

  • I like to see other succeed. I like it even more when I was able to help them.
  • I like to walk and hike.
  • I like to not only learn new things, I like the challenge of figuring it out on my own. I probably have at least a few dozen micro SD cards lying around the house from various projects I’ve done with my Raspberry Pi.
  • Some of my past jobs:
    • Intelligence analyst
    • Linguist (the Polish still comes in handy; keep reading!)
    • Information Assurance Manager
    • System and Network administrator/engineer
    • Desktop and server security
    • Network security
    • Network intrusion analyst
    • Cyber threat intelligence analyst
    • Manager (more like “trying to stay out of the way of good people”)
  • As part of my love of learning, I try to optimize many areas of my life by trying smart things. As an example, I’m currently a vegan who doesn’t get upset if I accidentally consume a molecule of animal product. My eventual goal is a 100% whole foods, plant-based diet.
    • While I’m grateful for the advances in medical technology that have enabled millions to live a better life, I have intentionally decided to avoid taking advantage of this technology for as long as I possibly can. As a snapshot in time, I don’t currently take any medications but I do wear glasses. To apply this, my blood pressure doesn’t need pills but my eyes need correction, so I take advantage of what I need while trying to avoid having to do more.
  • I intend to set a record by being the oldest person to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail (the current record is 82 years old so that one will have to wait a while). We’ll see how that goes.
  • I need to speak Polish because my wife is from Poland. She speaks excellent English but knowing how to speak Polish gives me insights into how she thinks. It also comes in handy when ordering dinner in Krakow!